Technology Enthusiast Build global impact applications
with positivity and enthusiasm.

Core Values

We believe successful products are the ones that change fast. Techiast is a team of dedicated developers who maintain a positive attitude toward any issues leading to potential changes. It has been those challenges that we take as learning opportunities for our non-stop development.

We are centered on the fascination with new technologies and eager to master those fantasies. Therefore, our team is comprised of passionate geeks who call ourselves Techiast (which stands for Technology Enthusiast). Every Techiast member shares the same bliss, and we spread such enthusiastic energy to all of our works.


Development Progress

We actively update our development progress over Jira Software with public access to deliver a transparent view for our community members.


Ticket Request

Our products are centered around the community. Therefore please don’t hesitate to raise any ticket requests for our better improvement.


Q1 2021 – Mainnet Release

Balanced DEX

Q1 2021 – Testnet Release

REN Integration

Q2 2021 – MVP Release

Optimus Finance

Got an idea?

Let’s explore the opportunity and thrive to achieve great things.


Thanks to our partners who have sponsored and collaborated with Techiast to build impactful products. We look forward to our continuous partnership and aspire to develop more projects in the future.

Working together, to build a better world.